Piano Lessons on Holiday 2019

Piano lessons Combined with holidays – that’S what musica Viva’S piano classes offer. In our Program You will find courses for Piano Beginners as well as workshops for advanced Players. The stylistic Spectrum of the Courses is broad: It ranges from courses with a classical Focus to Workshops in which the Jazz Piano or The Song Accompaniment on the Piano take Centre stage.For those who want to learn to play the Piano Right from the Start, our “Taster Courses” are offered.

And for those who know the Piano from their Youth but then had to take a creative Break, the Piano course “Piano for Returners” is recommended. ” If You already have Previous Knowledge, take a Look at the Courses around classical Piano Music, courses for four-handed playing, Courses for pop and jazz piano, For Improvisation and for Song Accompaniment.

Unfortunately, the West Pocket piano Has not yet been invented. Too bad, otherwise everyone could simply bring their own Instrument to piano Lessons. It is therefore incumbent on us to ensure that a sufficient Number of Instruments are available. To ensure this, we have equipped our Kurhaus country House Arnoth With 5 pianos And a digital piano. In the “Haus Sonnenberg” you will find 6 Pianos and a Digital Piano. 
Many Pianos and Wings are available to our guests in The Ossiach Abbey – and there are Also numerous instruments In Zell Castle On The Pram.