Online Piano Courses for Beginners

The guide to starting web piano lessons

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How much does a piano class at home cost?
Which particular piano teacher to choose?
How is the first private piano lesson going?
Where to find a particular piano teacher?
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According to a keywords survey, “80% of USA people consider music to be a passion or a pleasure.” Playing the piano is a relaxing and stimulating activity for many. Only it is necessary to go through the stage of learning the piano.

So how do you start learning the piano in private lessons? Here’s all the information to become the piano king.

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How much does a piano class at home cost?
Home piano lessons are an alternative to piano lessons in conservatory or music school. Many people choose this option in order to take advantage of all the benefits that the particular teacher offers such as personal advice and weekly a la carte courses.

However, before engaging in this type of piano lesson, it is important to check with organizations and teachers to find out the price of private piano lessons..

You can search for contact information on the internet or by looking around. Maybe friends know particular piano teachers available to give you lessons and not too expensive.

The price of a particular piano course may vary according to several criteria online

But to understand the price of a piano class, you have to understand what you’re going to pay.

The home piano teacher is often an independent. In other words, they have to find the right rate per hour in order to get a salary and pay their wage contributions. This makes it difficult for music teachers to get below a certain price.

The price of the piano lesson also includes the time the teacher spends organizing the piano lesson before giving it to his students. This preparation time is as much time of work that must be paid.

You also have to take into account the fact that you pay for the teacher’s knowledge andskills. The more experienced the teacher, the more expensive the price of the music course will be.

In the case of home classes it is also important not to forget the mileage of the music teacher’s trip to your home. And the price of the course also varies depending on the geographical area.

You can count between 20 and 40 euros per hour of piano to give you an idea.

However, be aware that there are also a few tricks to reduce this cost such as taking group courses or taking a test course.

Which particular piano teacher to choose?
Before you go hunting for the private teacher, know that there are different profiles of teachers and that you must be able to find the right one for the magic to work and for you to progress at the piano.

Some teachers will be better suited than others to teach you music theory and others to teach you tabs.

But how do you choose the ideal piano teacher on the web?

You have to start by asking the right questions and why you want to learn to play thepiano. You may want to learn the piano to become a musician, to day on your friend’s birthday, to become a music teacher, any other reason. Depending on your expectations, you will need to find the teacher who most fits what you want to do.

Some teachers have learned the piano alone, without taking classes, which may be suitable for some student musicians.
To each student his music teacher!

Anyway, start by answering all these questions:

How long do I want to learn the piano?
What kind of music do I want to learn?
Why do I want to learn the piano?
Once all this is clear in your head, you will only have to look at the profiles of the particular piano teachers offered on the internet in order to find the one that best corresponds to what you want to do and learn.

Many teachers on Superprof offer to offer you the first hour of classes. This allows the student to see if the feeling passes with the teacher and if the course corresponds to what he thought.

Sometimes students become aware of the work of learning the piano and they don’t like it in the end.

That’s why you should not hesitate to talk to the teacher to find out if piano lessons are right for you. You can then commit over several months or a year.

How is the first private piano lesson going?
Private home lessons, online piano lessons, individual lessons, private lessons, national conservatory or piano school, music education generally encompasses the same type of courses (musical training, piano score deciphering, awakening musical culture, arpeggios, etc.).

Materials that are also found for other musical instruments (drums, violin lessons, guitar lessons, saxophone lessons, singing lessons, clarinet lessons, cello lessons, recorders, ukulele, bass guitar, etc.).

Once you’ve chosen your piano teacher, it’s time to organize the first piano class. Agree with your teacher to find a schedule that is not set between appointments. The first piano class usually takes time and you should not be stressed about your end-of-course schedule.

To find out how a private piano class is going, it’s best to ask your teacher from the first hour.

The first hour of class is used to get to know your teacher.

This first hour is also an opportunity to get to knowhim. You can discuss his musical tastes and experience. Perhaps he was a pianist in a band or he knows how to play other instruments (electric guitar, bass, saxophone, harmonica, accordion, flute, etc.).

He may then be able to teach you other instruments that interest you.

It is also interesting to get to know things about things other than music. Perhaps you have other things in common than the love of music. Thisis often what makes the difference with other piano teachers.

After getting to know each other, the teacher will surely try to know your level in music in order to know where to start piano lessons. Learning the piano is a time-taking process and the teacher will also look at whether you are motivated enough to play the piano.

It’s also an opportunity to talk about your expectations. Playing for fun at home, making a surprise to a loved one, joining a music group, making a professional career as a pianist, each musician has his reasons. The music teacher then adapts his courses according to your goals.

The program will be established over a period of time that you have determined with the teacher. A way to order your ideas and motivate you to go all the way.

The first piano lesson often ends with a few exercises to get you into the bath a little bit. You will surely leave with training to do at home for the next course.

Where to find a particular piano teacher?
To find a particular musicteacher, there are many solutions. Whether it’s via the internet or without the internet, it’s now very easy to contact the ideal teacher.

A friend or sister can very well become your piano teacher.

You can start by looking at all the classifieds you can find in small shops (bakery, pastry, butcher, florist, etc.). There are also billboards in shopping malls or other larger shops.

This allows you to get in touch with a teacher and discuss your interests and expectations over the phone. You can decide to place your own ad by saying that you are looking for a music teacher to learn the piano and all that comes from it (music lessons, music history, etc.).

Also remember to tell your loved ones. Often, one of your acquaintances knows a piano teacher who can do the job very well. Maybe even one of your friends knows how to play the piano and can teach you the basics to progress and become a pianist.

On the internet, it is also very easy to get in touch with particular piano teachers. Social networks are particularly useful for this. Facebook, Instagram, and other networks allow you to discover teachers and contact them quickly.

Platforms like Superprof are also effective in choosing the piano teacher that suits you best. You have to look at the teacher’s profile and experience to see if this meets your expectations.

When you contact the teacher, consider asking any questions that go through your head such as the price, the skills taught, the experience of a musician, the experience of a teacher, etc.

The more honest you are with the teacher and with yourself, the faster you will find the ideal piano teacher.

Also make sure to find a teacher who will teach you the piano with patience, on any piano (classical piano, upright piano, grand piano, synthesizers, digital pianos, etc.)

All that remains is to find the rare pearl. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Schubert, have fun!